Workshop Wellbeing

Freer body, happier soul - a workshop about how your wellbeing is influenced from how we move and from our thinking

June 20 2023, 14.00-17.00 im, Freienbach


Tension and lack of freedom in body and mind influence each other.

This workshop explores how we can find a new freedom and ease in body, mind and soul with the help of conscious and allowing movements in combination with a liberating way of thinking. You will learn some simple but very helpful and efficient tools that you can use in your everyday life. Our goal is that this workshop will bring a little more ease into your life! 

The program:

14-15 Movements in everyday life: introduction and some exercises.

15-16 Yogamovements, where we explore how we can use the exercises and tools we just learnt.

16-16.30 Guided relaxation.

16.30-17 Concluding reflections, questions and sharing; Tea and coffee 

Your investment: CHF 75

Keine Voraussetzungen nötig
No previous experiences necessary

Borit Karlsson and Leyli Afsahi are mother and daughter, living in Sweden. Both are trained yoga teachers since 2017 and they have continued to develop their yogateaching and -practicing with a lot of inspiration from the Alexander Technique. They have taught several courses together and are hosting a retreat in August every year in Sweden.  

Caroline Palmy wird beim Workshop anwesend sein, Borit kann auch Deutsch, und Caroline kann sonst auch übersetzten.

Plätze beschränkt, bitte bei Caroline Palmy anmelden